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Park your car 🚗🚙

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Practising our addition within 10!


Christmas decorations ☃️🎄

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Some super decorations that were made today – we’re  getting in the Christmas spirit!



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Oh no a scary tiger came to Hazel class and drank all of our tea……


The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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In Hazel class we have been enjoying reading about the special visitor who came to tea with Sophie.  Last week we wrote a shopping list for Sophie’s Mummy, created invitations and wrote about someone special who came to our house for tea.

This week we are writing stories about an animal coming to tea at our house!


Challenge – Can you tell someone at home all about your story?


Maths Fun

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In maths we have been exploring different shapes! We were such experts at 2D shapes we began to explore 3D shapes – here are some of our amazing 3D shape patterns.



Challenge – What shapes can you find around your house? Make a list of all the different objects!


Maths Fun!

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This week in maths we have been working on repeating patterns and number sequences. The children have had lots of fun using the practical equipment!


Robin Hood Hat challenge

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Robin Hood lost his hat and he asked the children in Hazel Class to make him a new one!



Who do you think created the best Robin Hood hat?


Our trip to Sherwood Forest

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Hazel and Holly Class had lots of fun at Sherwood Forest Yesterday!

We went on a bug hunt and found lots of interesting insects! The children all loved catching the animals so we could look at them through our special magnifying glasses. We found spiders, beetles, centipedes, and many more. Mrs Barnard’s group even managed to find a frog!

We then had a special tour of the Forest. We visited the Major Oak, and even got chance to climb inside a real oak tree!


All the excitement and walking left some children a little sleepy on the bus journey home.

We can’t wait to learn lots more about the legend that is Robin Hood.




Hazel Class

Can you make a list of all the creatures that you found during our bug hunt?

Can you draw a picture of one of the animals? 

Can you sing our Robin Hood song to someone at home? 


Miss Howe 🙂



Visit Holly class’ blog for more pictures of our trip, there’s even a video of Mr Houghton fighting Robin Hood!




Our first few days in Year 1!

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This week we are focusing on the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and other stories about bears!

So far this week we have had lots of fun building dens and caves for the bears.

In our messy play area we have been mark making and practising writing our names in the snow. We also spoke about which other animals might enjoy this icy habitat!

In our role play area we have a Farm shop – children have enjoyed taking on the role of shop keeper and digging up the vegetables!

We have also be thinking about the different settings from the story – writing poems involving lots of descriptive language! Joshua described the mud as ‘squishy’ and Harvey described the long grass as ‘wavy’ and ‘green’.

We have lots more exciting things planned for this week – so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Miss Howe